Save MONEY – buyers learn about deficiencies that can be used in bargaining the price.   For instance, in one inspection we found a leaky water heater and the buyer was able to negotiate a discount in the price before closing that more than paid for the cost of the home inspection.
Increase the VALUE of your home – Find out ways to prevent damages.     For example, inspections will often reveal gaps that the owners should seal to keep the water out, before it results in a major  problem.
New houses and condos – the inspection can find items that the builder will fix under WARRANTY before they result in deterioration or damages.  

Increase your  COMFORT – find out ways to improve your air quality and temperature control.   For example, the inspection will educate you about where filters are, how old the heating and air conditioning systems are, if there are poor quality windows,  and the amount of insulation in the attic.
Increase your SAFETY – find items like electrical problems and fall hazards.      A home inspection reports on visible wiring that is poor, questionable or substandard.   We check railings, steps, and many other items that can result in hazardous conditions, especially for children or elders.