Condo Inspections

Condo units have similar issues as homes, with the major difference being the shared (common elements) parts of the building. A condo inspection for a buyer or resident generally includes only the unit itself (typically the interior), not the common elements.   Elements that designated as ‘common’  can vary from building to building. This information is found in the Condo Declaration which comes with the Status Certificate.  Owners will get this information from the Condo Board; potential buyers can request a copy through their real esate agent. It can take about 10 days to receive a copy.

There are significant differences in construction between older and newer units as well as differences in quality between builders.

Condominium towers are going up fast in Toronto. Trades are in high demand and may be spread thin depending on how busy each particular sector is, and how many workers are qualified and experienced.

Tarion Warranty Program

New construction in Ontario is usually warranted under the terms of the Ontario New Home Warranties Act. This is administered by the non-profit corporation Tarion. Your condo is covered up to a maximum of $300,000.

ew[caps ltr=”N”] units are held to a higher standard than older units in an inspection. In addition to the standard inspection, there are over 250 categories of specifically warrantable defects, elements of which Meticulous Inspections is trained to recognize and categorize under the Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors (CAPHI) New Home Inspection program.

eticulous[caps ltr=”M”] Inspection’s reporting system identifies deficiencies in the correct category with clear descriptions and photos to help the owner submit the correct information for warranty claims. The report includes a special section for TARION warranty items that gives clear and easy to understand information.

eticulous[caps ltr=”M”] Inspections can help protect your interests with a professional condo inspection at one or more of the following milestones:



  • attending the PDI in your place as your designate;
  • within the 30 day period after Possession;
  • within the 1 year period;
  • before the end of the 2 year period;


inding[caps ltr=”F”] deficiencies early during the first year, can save the owner money since many deficiencies are still covered by the builder. Trades and sub-trades may still be working on the development site. Repairing defects quickly will help prevent secondary damage, which is NOT covered by Tarion.

Additionally, the Common Elements of a condominium are covered by Tarion. Unit owners who experience a common element problem must write to the Board of Directors once the condominium is registered. The Condominium Board is responsible for bringing common element problems to the attention of the builder and Tarion, if necessary.


Find deficiencies EARLY before they find YOU and cause unrecoverable damages.




Concrete splatterThe Pre Delivery Inspection is where the builder’s representative will record (mainly cosmetic) deficiencies on the PDI Form.  Functional deficiencies should also be noted, and this is where the experience of a professional inspector can help, by checking the operation and condition of all functional systems inside the unit, such as caulking, windows, doors, plumbing, heating and electrical, and much more.



The One Year Warranty Period includes defects in work and materials.  You can make  warranty claims for these up to one year from the Date of Possession, within two periods, the first 30 days (30-Day Form) and last 30 days (Year-End_Form).   Anything found during this time that has a 2 year warranty should be claimed on these forms as well.   After One year, many items fall out of warranty, so a professional inspection during the first year can catch alot of things so you don’t have to pay for them later.



 For defects that are warranted up to 2 years, you can claim anytime between 1 – 2 years after the Date of Possession, on the Second Year Form. The sooner the better, because these types of defects can cause secondary damages.   Some problems may only become apparent after the house has been lived in for a while, such as circuit breakers tripping.



 The builder covers major structural defects found within the first 2 years.  Then Tarion takes over to provide coverage for these defect in years 3 through 7.    These types of deficiencies are more likely to be part of common elements, but it is in your best interest to keep an eye out for any problems during this period, and report any common element deterioration to your Condominum Board. >





Note : The forms shown on this website are samples only, your Homeowner Information Package will contain the most recent legal forms with carbon copies as required.   You can also register warranty claims on-line through Tarion’s website.