HomeStars Review Our Work
“I was very impressed with Meticulous Inspections. They were professional and compiled a great report of the findings. We purchased a new home and thankfully we hired Lisa. Her keen eye for detail ensures that the price we paid for her services is really a drop in the bucket compared to the investment our new home cost. Meticulous Inspections home inspections made sure our investment is secure… Thanks!”
“I needed a home inspection of my mother’s heritage home before we sold it. Lisa of Meticulous Inspections uncovered a number of unexpected problems, things we had been unaware of during the 40 years my mother lived there! This knowledge really helped us set a fair market price for the property and not encounter any unpleasant surprises while selling it. Lisa’s report was detailed and clear and she provided many photos of the problem areas, so we didn’t have to climb up on the roof, or poke around in the nastier corners of the basement”
“very thorough – very knowledgeable – professional – courteous – punctual – enjoyed explaining what was being assessed and why – was very satisfied – would definitely recommend this company – was able to provide report in a timely manner – much appreciated”
“I was concerned about a few things at my house (asbestos, dampness in the basement, etc), so I contacted Meticulous Inspections for some professional, unbiased advice. I was impressed with the detailed inspection that Lisa did, and she pointed out some items that I was not aware of. She gave me excellent advice on the spot, and followed up with additional information by email. Lisa was very knowledgeable, professional, and helpful. I highly recommend Meticulous Inspections.”
“After watching Lisa go through a truly “meticulous” 3-hour inspection of my Riverdale semi, I can say—without hesitation—her work sets the benchmark for quality. From start to finish, the experience was pleasant and informative. I was nervous about having my downtown semi-detached (built in 1913) inspected as I was concerned that something might come to light that was beyond me to fix. (I know, I know…) Turns out, what I was afraid of wasn’t a problem but Lisa identified many other smaller things—easy fixes—that would have caused problems down the road if they’d been left any longer. Lisa’s level of professionalism is rarely encountered these days. Her depth of knowledge and her willingness to investigate further, even more uncommon. She encouraged my questions and her inspection report was clear, well organized, and very easy to reference. I would highly recommend Lisa’s house inspection services.”
“Yes, “Meticulous” indeed!  Lisa did a pre-sale home inspection for us at the time we were considering selling and wanted a head-start on possible work that might be advisable or needed.  Lisa’s approach was extremely thorough, showed great knowledge in all areas, left us feeling like we were in the hands of a trustworthy professional.  The report she produced was very well organized and written.  I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone I know looking for a home inspection service.”
“you are incredible! it’s so rigorous and helpful. thanks so much for everything. you are amazing to send us these manuals too!!! and i coulnd’t believe how thorough you were. pretty amazing and makes me realize any inspection i’ve had before was pretty cursory!”
“your report was so thorough and well done – it was very very helpful.”
“Lisa Simkins of Meticulous Inspections arrived on time and explained what the inspection would cover before getting started. After giving the house a thorough once over, she walked me through the house, pointing out her findings and patiently answering my questions. A few days after the inspection, we received a comprehensive PDF report that included photos and a suggested timeframe for each repair. She even hunted down and included any manuals we didn’t have for our furnace, air conditioning unit, and appliances. To top it all off, she gave us a USB stick containing the report and all the photos she took during the inspection. Recommended.”
“wow!  I’m just printing it off…what a lot of work you did!  Thanks.”
“The format is very usable, easy to understand, professional, and amazing.
Really well done. The photos are very helpful. Obviously complete and
well-thought out.”
“Lisa’s inspection was extremely thorough and very personal. We really appreciated the time she took to explain her findings, especially her clarity in prioritizing the things that needed to be addressed. I really learned a lot about our house. The name “Meticulous Inspections” says it all!”