Call me (647-287-1962) to find out when I’m available and get a price. I’ll need to get an idea of the size and type of home.
Here’s some things to do to prepare before the inspection starts (If you are the buyer please ask your agent to co-ordinate with the sellers agent to have these requirements addressed):

  • Ensure utilities are on (water, electricity and gas) so that systems can be operated during the home inspection;
  • Clear a space below the attic hatch so a small ladder can be set up. If the hatch is in a closet, remove all clothes, boxes and stored material from under the hatch, also any shelves and clothes rod.
  • Make sure there is clear space around the furnace and water heater for access.
  • If there are tenants, arrange for 1.5 hours of access time per floor during the inspection appointment. Typically tenants require 24 hours notice for requests for access, and at a mutually agreed upon time.
  • Ensure that pets are safely off site, if possible. Some dogs can be very protective or over friendly, and some pets may not be allowed outdoors or in certain areas, and this may not be manageable if the pet is on site during the inspection.

phone: 647-287-1962

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    I live in the City of Toronto, will travel throughout Ontario, additional mileage charges may apply depending on the situation.