Lisa Simkins

My interest in the structure and systems of residential homes began when I took stewardship of my declining, elderly mother’s bungalow. I was the only one of my siblings living in the province, and trying to make sure Mom was safe in her home was a constant concern. Things like stairs, bathtub safety, door locks and furnace maintenance suddenly became important. Later on, I had to get her house ready for sale when she went into long term care. That’s when I was confronted with the legacy of issues like a mossy roof, damp basement, leaky faucets, etc. This benign neglect impacted on the amount of money that mom would be relying on to finance her care for the rest of her days, and ultimately the value of our family’s estate.
We had a home inspection of the house which helped us address some issues prior to sale. In hindsight, I realized that earlier, proactive management based on a sound knowledge of the house would have been even better.


Mom’s house

I vowed not to be unawares of how important a house was in the future. I wanted to learn everything I could about houses as I realized the knowledge could help my own well-being and finances. In fact I found houses so fascinating that I obtained a Home Inspection Certificate from Humber College. As it turns out, with my degree in Environmental Studies, years in the water treatment field and structural engineering inspection experience, and attention to detail were great preparation for the home inspection field.

Major Qualifications:

Home Inspection Certificate, Humber College, Ontario
Member, Associate, Ontario Association of Home Inspectors
Certified Engineering Technician, OACETT
Bachelor of Environmental Studies, University of Waterloo

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