What to ask a home inspector before you make an offer on a home.

  • is the inspector a member of a home inspection association based in Toronto (or even Canada?)
  • does the inspector have a college certificate in Home Inspection?
  • does the inspector carry Professional Liability Insurance?


Condo towerCondominium towers are going up fast in Toronto. There are significant difference betweens older and newer units as well as between builders. Meticulous will check the workmanship and functional systems to help you get a better idea of the unit’s condition.

New Homes

New HomeNew homes are held to a higher house inspection standard than older homes. Meticulous Inspections is trained to recognize and categorize, under the Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors (CAPHI) New Home Inspection program, over 250 categories of specifically warrantable items – just for new homes.

Resale Homes

Old HomeMeticulous Inspections is comfortable inspecting not just bungalows and houses from 1950+, but the much older housing stock in the heart of the city, which comes with the variety of generations of wiring and plumbing and renovations.


moneyBuying for potential profit ? You don’t like surprises and sentiment is not in the equation. A home inspection report is a very valuable tool to assess what repairs are needed.
Professional Home Inspectors have industry specific inspection training, comprehensive checklists and techniques for finding the most amount of information about a house condition in a relatively short period of time. In order to check out all the house systems by specialists would require appointments with 8 – 10 different contractors, which is not practical. A home inspector is a generalist, looking not only for problems in each system, such as heating or electrical, but interactions between systems, such as the source of leaks and how they will impact other systems in the home.

Are you pressured to waive the home inspection to make an offer unconditional? If you waive the inspection, you are buying with much less information. However, if you do go ahead and purchase without an inspection, it is highly recommended to have the house inspected either before moving in when the house is empty and all walls are unobstructed, or within a year after moving in. You will then have an assessment of the house which you can use as a guide for improving the safety, comfort and value of your home for years to come. See the OWNER’S page to find out more about getting an inspection as an owner.