Looking for another service besides Home Inspection in Toronto? In my line of work I am frequently asked for recommendations on other services. Following is a list of companies run by people that I know personally and/or have used their services with good results. Mouse over the names to find the links. It’s also good practice to ask friends and family for their recommendations.
General Contractor – Florin Draghici at Superior Quality Renovations and Construction Inc.
Handyman – Jon Ball at D4C
Masonry – Solomon King at Stone Artisan
Home Staging – Kim Ostergaard at House Coach
Interior Design – Corinne La Flamme at La Flamme Design
Mortgages - Meaghan Hutchings at The Mortgage Coach
Movers – John Bailey at Two Men and a Truck 416-854-7116
Cleaners – Robert Luscombe at Merry Maids of Toronto SE
Real Estate Agent – Ash Jetha
Lawyer – Joanne M. Prince
Custom Cabinetry and Interior Renovations – Lee Campbell at Interiorize 416-996-1533
Window Decor - Ana Pilling at Night and Day Decor
Insurance – Mike Chronopoulos at State Farm
Financial Planner and Life Insurance – Andy Kovacs at Sun Life
Financial Management – Jason Caldwell at RBC Dominion Securities
Bookkeeper – Patricia Caskey at Accountant’s Assistant
Accountant – Howard Wolle at Sievert&Sawrantschuk
Business phone and email – Cameron Hillmer at SaaS44
Business Consulting - Ruth Henderson at Whiteboard Consulting
Mediator – Edit Farun at Collaborative Mediation
Website Design – Brent Kobayashi at Kobayashi Online
Computer Repair – Stephen Bunt at Working Bits
Graphic Designer – Heather Holbrook Art + Design
Video – Larissa Primeau at el pea productions (EPP)
Photography – Mike Day at The Art of Weddings and The Art of Wee Ones
Naturopathic Doctor – Dr. Lisa Weeks, ND at www.drlisaweeks.com
Homeopath – Dillena Dillen at Holistic Haven
Chiropractor – Melanie Locke
Personal Training Gym – Greg Carver at Strengthbox
Printer – Colin Cameron at Media-Vision
Burry Sign Studio
House & Home Minders Inc.
Senior’s bed Retrofits for Mobility – Friendly Beds
Radio piece – Spring Thaw Checkup on your house