Five step New Year’s Resolution for your home

I want to guide you through your home so you can make it safer and help ease you through managing or even preventing problems.   Here’s some easy steps to organize information on your home mechanicals:

1.   COLLECT OWNER’S MANUALS for appliances, including:  

  • – furnace or boiler
  • – air conditioner,
  • – water heater,
  • – humidifier,
  • – dishwasher,
  • – fridge,
  • – stove,
  • – gas fireplace,
  • – water treatment systems,
  • – central vac,
  • – hot tub;
  • – any other equipment that’s built in (you could also go wild and include all the portable stuff).
  • If you don’t have copies of the manuals, search the manufacturer’s website and/or contact them to get a copy,
  • – Record model numbers and serial numbers in the manuals,
  • – Include pictures of each appliance in your file,
  • – Fill out any warranty cards,
  • – Attach receipts if you have them,
  • – Put manuals in a binder or file folders.


main water shut off

Shut off valve next to water meter

  • – water main outside,
  • – water shuts off inside at the water meter and all fixtures,
  • – main electrical breaker,
  • – gas valves, furnace switch.
  • – Label shut off valves, and switches to fans, furnace and breakers.
  • – Make sure all controls are easily accessible.

3.   SOURCE SERVICE PROVIDERS for each appliance.  Ask friends, family and neighbours for recommendations or contact your local BNI chapter.   Make a maintenance sheet for each appliance.

4.   Having trouble sleeping?    READ THE OWNER’S MANUALS.   But not after eating turkey.  You might learn some really good stuff if you can stay awake.

5.   READ THE HOME INSPECTION on the house, review the recommendations and plan repairs accordingly.  If you haven’t had an inspection on the house, I can provide one, and give you a home educational tour in the process.

If you have specific concerns about wiring, gas or fireplaces, consider independent inspections by professionals certified by the following agencies;

  • ESA – electrical panel and wiring
  • TSSA – gas appliances
  • WETT – wood burning fireplaces

Congratulations!  You’ve just prepared and educated yourself into the top 5% of the homeowner population!    You are more likely to maintain your house well and reduce expensive repairs.    And if a water pipe bursts, or the furnace conks out one frigid day, you will know what steps to take.